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VTuber Plus is a highly customizable tool that allows Twitch viewers to interact with streamers!

Attention: If you already own this app from Steam, please visit the Discord server provided in the program to claim ro free redeem key for itch.


  • Support for VRM and VSF avatars
  • Support for any kind of material (VSF)
  • Support for VSF Animations
  • Support for VRChat's OSC
  • Many items to throw + (make your own)
  • Many items to drop + (make your own)
  • Many foods to eat + (make your own)
  • Integrated Head Pats
  • Confetti effect
  • Water Bucket effect
  • Unique screen effects
  • Unique and customizable twitch rewards system
  • Screen Ambient
  • 2D Props
  • Ragdoll mode
  • Let viewers take your shirt off or put sunglasses on you
  • Ability to use Subscribe and Follow to trigger rewards
  • Ability to use Raid and Host to trigger rewards
  • Ability to use Bits and Channel Points to trigger rewards
  • Ability to use Chat Commands to trigger rewards
  • Ability to change avatar mid-stream manually or as a reward
  • Ability to change the size of items
  • Adjustable colliders
  • Adjustable lighting, bloom, ambient occlusion
  • Switchable cameras
  • Auto load previously used avatar
  • Quick switch between avatars
  • Support for Elgato Stream Deck
  • Support for WebSockets
  • Support for Magica Cloth
  • Support for FinalIK
  • Additional Screen Projection using Spout
  • Virtual Camera
  • Lots of updates and friendly support
  • And many more features...

Attention: To use this tool you need a motion capture software with OSC / VMC protocol running at the same time.

Terms of Use (Read before purchase)

Official Website and Documentation


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

In order to download this tool you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Will there be an update so Vtuber Plus also picks up eyebrow movement from Vseeface?

The reason the eyebrow movements are not being sent to VTuber Plus is because your avatar is lacking the required brow blendshapes.


But Vseeface detects my eyebrows just fine? Just not individually

Its written in their documentation. What VSeeFace detects and what it sends through VMC are not the same ^w^

Is there any way to change the camera without having the vtuber plus in the foreground? in vseeface yes you can but I can't do it with vtuber plus

I need OBS on foreground

yes, by enabling global keys in general



When the model falls and the health bar is restored. My vtuber avatar doesn't restart to the original position, there is a command to do that? 

I'd recommend getting help in the Discord server since we can do more there than here ^w^ its most likely related to your tracking software.


I have vtuber plus on steam and when I got to redeem my free itvh.io key it says the page cannot be found


Hi. Please use the Discord server for support. We'll do our best to solve the problem as soon as possible once we have enough information from you.

Never got an answer. Vtuber plus after a few minutes just plasters the login screen over my model mid stream.  Like, covers it completely.  Makes it unusable. How do I fix? 

I'm sorry you're facing this issue. Its best if you contact our support team via Discord using the link provided in the program itself.

I have a genuine problem and i need to know if its been fixed or not, if i could get some attention to this comment from the Dev team if possible.

I began using Vtuber Plus while it was still available on steam and used it for several months and noticed no issue, however it wasn't until I began streaming bigger games like modern warfare 2 and assassin's creed Valhalla that I began seeing some problems with the program, still on steam at this time mind you, but the issue I'm having is heavy input lag and latency, and the only time I have this problem is when Vtuber Plus is running, even if it's the only program I have open with the game which I found while testing to find the true problem. In short what's happening is I will be activating several key presses in game, sprinting, aiming, and firing, are the most common combinations, when doing this I can take my hands off both the keyboard and mouse and my character will continue to run forward, or continue to aim, the worst outcome being when I fire my weapon and it takes several seconds between mouse click for my weapon to actually fire, I have noticed issues with other games such as Core Keeper, and Total War: Warhammer 3. So as of now I have several games that have been effected by this performance tank, please also note the specs for my pc that follow; 

Ryzen 9 5900x

Nvidia rtx 3080 TI

128 gigs of ram

B550 tomahawk motherboard

And over 3 terabytes of storage

I feel as though I should not be having issues with just about any program I run on my system. With all of this said, is this a problem that could be worked towards being resolved or fixed? Is it a known issue being worked on? Or is there some problem with the program that makes this issue unfixable? If I could get any sort of correspondence it would be greatly appreciated, and I thank you for your time in reviewing this message.

Hi. Thanks for reaching out. Your best option for support would be the Discord server provided in the program. Hopefully we can diagnose and solve your issue as soon as possible ^w^

So how much more resources does this require compared to just using vseeface and obs? Is it a noticeable amount or just a small amount more?

Deleted 70 days ago

Hello ! I just brought it and saw there was a "Claim Steam key" option, but when i click on it, it says "There are no keys available at this time, try again later"

Will there be key added back ? 

I'm having the exact same issue :/ I'd really like to have the steam version without paying twice

The new keys are out.

I still see the message saying there is no more key :(

Same with me It still said that even after the new keys came out 

Where did you get this message?

Hi, sorry to bother. I have the steam version but it's doing a couple weird things. First the oAuth token doesn't want to work except after multiple refreshes and tries. The other weird thing is  not long after loggin it it will slap a login menu/text over the model. Like the model works and it's shown on stream but so is the text. How do i fix that or do I just need to buy this version?

(1 edit)

can i connect this to my steam so i dont need to pay double for the steam version becouse that one auto updates i think like steam updates i mean

eddit i found out how but it says there are no steam keys availble when are they back in stock 

I'll try to refill them by the end of tomorrow.

Hi! I forgot to change from steam version to this one and now I can't access so I don't have my key... what can I do? :(

Hi. The steam version still works. You should be able to open and use it like before.

Probably an FAQ, but how do we get OBS and Vtuber Plus to connect?

In case you haven't figured it out yet
Add a new Game Capture source, select Capture Specific Window and then choose Vtuber Plus from the drop down options.

this tool can use for win7 ?


but i cant open in my win 7 OWQ"

only black screen.

(1 edit)

I feel like something isnt optimized in this version of Vtuber plus cause i have no issues with the steam client. But for some reason I have heavy lag issues with this version.  not sure what causes it, since i kept all the same settings/models and such


There is no difference between the two versions. Your lag could be because of process priority as on Steam games and applications are running through another software. You can try putting VTuber Plus on a higher CPU priority or running it as Administrator. Also make sure to cap the framerate in your game to 60 fps, if you're running out of resources.

I have the same issues, for some reasons VTuberPlus after a few minutes starts to eat all my RAM available, I don't know why, I haven't changed anything, I updated my drivers, rebooted, etc, but the software is just causing me severe lag, and while playing games and streaming, I cruelly need my RAM.


You might be using some unoptimised custom items. Everything that you have in your UserItems folder will load in your ram as soon as you start the program. I recommend checking your items and see if there's anything that's eating up your ram. Also I recommend disabling "Auto Reload Items" in General Settings.


Hi their! ❤️

This software have change my stream career and so thanks to Arzolath for creating it! 

And so there is my question about worshop steam content, may its possible to copy/past it on the new version for keep our reward? Or actually we haven't any issus about it? I still use the steam version because of it, for now, because i'm affraid to lose all of my content for stream in the new version :o 

Thanks again :) 

Hi ^w^ Thank you so much. I'm glad it had a positive impact on your career.

Yes you can copy the workshop items over and it'll work with no issues. All of the workshop items are also available in our Discord server provided in the program ^w^


Oh thanks for the information and answer <3 
and about vtuber plus I speak about it to my friends vtubers who search a great software for stream interactions and great vibes ^3^/
have a good day !

Been using this program for Months And absolutely love it, And I was wondering if you have ever considered or plan to implement some sorta Controller tracker,  so we can Hold a controller that reacts to our inputs

Thank you ^w^ There are plans to add that in the future!

(1 edit)

I'm having an issue with Vtuber Plus crashing and then also crashing my VSF and OBS. Happened to me a few times last night when setting up my redeems.

Also, is there a way to assign a specific group of objects to throw for a redeem outside of all random or all custom only? Say if I just wanted it to throw sticky objects. Or if I wanted it to throw only 5 of my custom items...

To troubleshoot the crashes please join the Discord server provided in the program ^w^

To group the items you can simply put them in a sub-folder!

Hi, can you tell me how can I show again the UI after hide it? Thanks for the app, I love it.


Hi. Its Ctrl+U

I bought this on Steam before I knew that it was moved here. Should I refund the Steam version and purchase this one instead?

You'll receive a free redeem key in your Steam version.

Thank you! 

Since it switched from steam to Itch.io, I can hardly use it anymore. After about 5 minutes I get the message "login failed" although I'm still connected and the avatar keeps moving. Only then I have the window in front of the avatar which tells me that I am no longer connected. It can no longer be reconnected and I have to restart it completely. Which is not necessarily fun in a stream

Please try the new version 4.0.21

i came from steam and i can't get the SDK it asks me to rebuy it even though i have the listening transferred to here successfully 

I downloaded this from Steam this morning and then got the notice that you've moved here, and it told me to click to get the itch.io key - but when I clicked, it said it couldn't find the page. Is there something else I need to do?

Please wait for the new batch of redeem codes ^w^

I have a question. I try to switch avatar in VTuber plus with a hotkey, but the model doesn't function right. Do I have to change it in VSeeFace at the same time?

if it has a different bone structure, of is of different size than your last avatar, yes. It'll goof up. There's an option to attempt to stop it, but best to just use the same model in both.

Someone gifted me the version on steam but when I went to claim the free itchio key it sent me to a 404 page, what do I do?

same with me

Give it time Arzolath is working on getting every one migrated. For now join the discord server to be best kept informed.

The keys run out because of high demand. I will refill them in batches. Please try again later.


Hi I am moving over from the steam version where will we find custom items again?

Hi. Until an alternative to Steam Workshop is introduced, you can find custom items in our Discord server. The link is provided in the app.

Hi, I was just wondering if I need to be an Affiliate at least in order to use this program on my own streams, or is Being an Affiliate/Partner not necessary?

Hi. You can use the chat commands if you're not affiliate yet :)

Thank You so much.

I just wanted to make sure before I at least add to my Steam Wish List.

Hello, I don't know if you use this website still for reading feed back or not anymore. I just felt it would be better than Steam. But I have found this application on Booth called "Horror light" https://booth.pm/ja/items/3558017 and it looks really great but it doesn't have support with any item throw or such and it doesn't support VSFavatar so sadly not really usable too much but I thought it might be interesting to show that to you. Maybe you could do something like that for Vtuber Plus. The different light and lightning looks really amazing for playing spooky games or such !!!

how do i get the SDK? ive been looking all over for it but i cant find it

The SDK is in the Extras folder, accessible from the top menu.

Does VTuber Plus work with PNG models? I have a Vroid model currently but I want to switch back.

Hi. VTuber Plus only supports VRM and VSF avatars.

(1 edit)

it seems with the second to last update all my rewards have broken and when i got to factory reset all th rewards popup like this [No Name] and i haven't been able to get them to work since is there a way to fix it or am i doing something wrong 

they're not broken. they can have a name now. just edit them and give them a name.

oh ok thanks for replying back this is why i am glad i decided to give vtuber plus a chance and not any of the other vtuber programs you are very quick at responding to questions or problems people may have and I appreciate that I will definitely be recommending this to my friends

Aw thank you ^w^ I really appreciate that <3 also we have a very active and helpful Discord server if you'd like to join.

that would be awesome my name is different on there it is akirathehobkin

Hello, I would like to know if we can change the position of the avatar as we do on Vseeface (camera setting)? The Vseeface shortcuts for adding objects work but for changing the position (e.g. putting the avatar head down) not ....

Is there a solution?

@Arzolath do you have a solution ?


changing the position is not possible because all the tracking and position information comes from other softwares like VSeeFace.

(1 edit)

Hello @Arzolath ^^

When i change the position of my avatar with Vseeface, if Vtuber plus is launched, it doesn't change its position... it doesn't move anymore...

how can i make vtuber plus follow the change of position of Vseeface?

Thanks ^^ have a nice day

(1 edit)

It can not be done like that unfortunately but you can post it in our suggestion channel.

Since VTP is not sold on itch anymore, I'd recommend you get support on our Steam hub or Discord server ^w^ 

Attempting to have LioranBoard work with VTuber Plus, I'm running into a problem where the only command that LioranBoard will trigger is confetti and Bucket, but nothing else, not sure what I'm doing wrong...

The itch version is no longer supported. I strongly recommend the Steam version. also for support its best if you'd join the Discord server provided in the program.

the automatic updater is getting an error for me


The itch version is no longer supported. There is nothing to update to. You might wanna switch to the Steam version.

Is there a way to transfer all itch.io verison settings/redeems/avatars and so on to the steam version?

the scene and rewards can be exported but the rest you have to do manually.

I am using a translator

How can I adjust the sound?

 I don't know if I can't find it or not.

 I wish the volume could be adjusted individually.

 The overall volume control is fine.

You can probably just use the built-in Windows volume mixer for this.

thank you >_<


haha thanks

Is there a way to randomize my avatar by twitch redeem?


not directly but if you use a bot like Streamer.bot you can use VTP's websockets to achieve that.

I used LioranBoard 2 now :D Thank you tho and everything good for the steam release <3 you made something awesome!


Thank you so much ^w^ means a lot

Where is the steam redeem code???


You have to go into your itch.io library, search for vtuberplus and click on download - there is also your key


Thank oyu so much for that, didn't know had to click download here to get it


Just a question. Well the steam version need to use vseeface? Or is this all in it own. Vsf kills my fps.


It's the same program. A tracking software is still needed. The main reason VSF takes so much resources is mainly because of the face tracking. So if I were to put it on VTP itself, it'd increase the CPU usage drastically.


It's not a huge difference but you can disable the rendering in VSF to save some resources, it's called "Hide avatar" at the bottom of general settings.

Deleted 348 days ago

I don't think it's appropiate bringing your personal stuff to this public store page.

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