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VTuber Plus has been permanently moved to Steam.

If you've already paid for this program on itch make sure to go to your library and grab your free Steam redeem code.

For more information visit https://store.steampowered.com/app/1957330/VTuber_Plus/

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Hi, I was just wondering if I need to be an Affiliate at least in order to use this program on my own streams, or is Being an Affiliate/Partner not necessary?

Hi. You can use the chat commands if you're not affiliate yet :)

Thank You so much.

I just wanted to make sure before I at least add to my Steam Wish List.

Hello, I don't know if you use this website still for reading feed back or not anymore. I just felt it would be better than Steam. But I have found this application on Booth called "Horror light" https://booth.pm/ja/items/3558017 and it looks really great but it doesn't have support with any item throw or such and it doesn't support VSFavatar so sadly not really usable too much but I thought it might be interesting to show that to you. Maybe you could do something like that for Vtuber Plus. The different light and lightning looks really amazing for playing spooky games or such !!!

how do i get the SDK? ive been looking all over for it but i cant find it

The SDK is in the Extras folder, accessible from the top menu.

Does VTuber Plus work with PNG models? I have a Vroid model currently but I want to switch back.

Hi. VTuber Plus only supports VRM and VSF avatars.

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it seems with the second to last update all my rewards have broken and when i got to factory reset all th rewards popup like this [No Name] and i haven't been able to get them to work since is there a way to fix it or am i doing something wrong 

they're not broken. they can have a name now. just edit them and give them a name.

oh ok thanks for replying back this is why i am glad i decided to give vtuber plus a chance and not any of the other vtuber programs you are very quick at responding to questions or problems people may have and I appreciate that I will definitely be recommending this to my friends

Aw thank you ^w^ I really appreciate that <3 also we have a very active and helpful Discord server if you'd like to join.

that would be awesome my name is different on there it is akirathehobkin

Hello, I would like to know if we can change the position of the avatar as we do on Vseeface (camera setting)? The Vseeface shortcuts for adding objects work but for changing the position (e.g. putting the avatar head down) not ....

Is there a solution?

@Arzolath do you have a solution ?


changing the position is not possible because all the tracking and position information comes from other softwares like VSeeFace.

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Hello @Arzolath ^^

When i change the position of my avatar with Vseeface, if Vtuber plus is launched, it doesn't change its position... it doesn't move anymore...

how can i make vtuber plus follow the change of position of Vseeface?

Thanks ^^ have a nice day

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It can not be done like that unfortunately but you can post it in our suggestion channel.

Since VTP is not sold on itch anymore, I'd recommend you get support on our Steam hub or Discord server ^w^ 

Attempting to have LioranBoard work with VTuber Plus, I'm running into a problem where the only command that LioranBoard will trigger is confetti and Bucket, but nothing else, not sure what I'm doing wrong...

The itch version is no longer supported. I strongly recommend the Steam version. also for support its best if you'd join the Discord server provided in the program.

the automatic updater is getting an error for me


The itch version is no longer supported. There is nothing to update to. You might wanna switch to the Steam version.

Is there a way to transfer all itch.io verison settings/redeems/avatars and so on to the steam version?

the scene and rewards can be exported but the rest you have to do manually.

I am using a translator

How can I adjust the sound?

 I don't know if I can't find it or not.

 I wish the volume could be adjusted individually.

 The overall volume control is fine.

You can probably just use the built-in Windows volume mixer for this.

thank you >_<


haha thanks

Is there a way to randomize my avatar by twitch redeem?


not directly but if you use a bot like Streamer.bot you can use VTP's websockets to achieve that.

I used LioranBoard 2 now :D Thank you tho and everything good for the steam release <3 you made something awesome!


Thank you so much ^w^ means a lot

Where is the steam redeem code???


You have to go into your itch.io library, search for vtuberplus and click on download - there is also your key


Thank oyu so much for that, didn't know had to click download here to get it

Just a question. Well the steam version need to use vseeface? Or is this all in it own. Vsf kills my fps.

It's the same program. A tracking software is still needed. The main reason VSF takes so much resources is mainly because of the face tracking. So if I were to put it on VTP itself, it'd increase the CPU usage drastically.

It's not a huge difference but you can disable the rendering in VSF to save some resources, it's called "Hide avatar" at the bottom of general settings.

Deleted 166 days ago

I don't think it's appropiate bringing your personal stuff to this public store page.

How does the vrchat osc thing work exactly? can it do the party time thing to your avatar in it, or is it for avatar changing or is it something else entirely?

It can trigger whatever you have on your avatar. The OSC is just to trigger and play different things. Its up to you to make them available on your avatar ^w^

I wouldn't know how to do that at all :P

How can I download the latest version?  I can't activate it on Steam yet and there download isn't listed here.  (I've already purchased but I'm out of date).

There is a downloadable version available in the Discord server.

Ah, thanks! :)

Is it not possible to purchase for now until it comes out on steam?

Correct ^w^

Is this only available to people that are  affiliate or partnered?  :/ Be cool be able to use this on my channel

No, you can use commands even if you're not affiliate ^w^

Omg omg 馃ぉ sweeeet thank you so much for telling me that 鉂わ笍

I registered the steam version but it doesnt seem to be anywhere in my steam library.

It's not released on Steam yet ^w^

Deleted 174 days ago

Yes of course. Just select the effect you want and give it a command to your liking. Make sure to set the reset time and mark it as "Command".

Is there a way to change the default sounds for the items? For example can I make a different eating noise for each food or make a different squeaky sound for the rubber duck that is thrown

Am I missing something, or is there a way to make specific cameras for specific avatars? Like I want Avatar1 to use Camera1, A2 to use C2 or something like that. Right now when I change avatars it defaults to camera 1


Actually no one has asked for this yet! you're the first person. currently there is no option to do so but neat idea.

Hey there!
As you know, avatars shake/knockback their head on hit.

When testing VSFAvatars, if I send any tracking data from VSeeFace, the shake for that avatar will stop. And it will remain this way even if I stop sending any data. I would need to disable VseeFace and reopen VTuber Plus to be able to see the shaking again.

I checked and this doesn't happen with VRM avatars.

Is this a known issue?

I tested various VSFAvatars and they all behave in the same way.

Heya, that issue is fixed in the latest version. What version are you using?

Currently running 3.5.3
I'm assuming is the latest one based on the auto updater.

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Then please post the issue in Discord. I can't keep track of the posts on itch ^w^

VSF avatars work fine for the majority of the users so this might be something unique.

Would like to also ask if there is anyway for VTuber Plus be triggered by Streamerbot? Like how it's communicating with stream deck perhaps?

Yes of course. I use Streamer.bot myself a lot. You can do that by connecting to VTuber Plus's Websocket server ^w^


Do you have a tutorial for this? I do not know how to do websockets on Streamerbot.

Not really but the Discord community might be able to help you.

Hi there! I just tried to download the latest version of VTuber Plus but it triggered a virus alert, a trojan specifically, you might want to take a look at that.

The infected file seems to be the updater itself.

Hi. Some anti virus programs detect the Updater as a trojan or malware because it uses unpacking tools to extract the program on your system. It's been whitelisted by Microsoft and been reported as safe to many anti virus programs. Yours is probably not in that list. I assure you it's completely clean :)

Okay thanks! I just thought the program might be compromised.

Hey! Great software! Works like a dream, not sure if im missing something but the animations play on my avatar but none of my dynamic bones appear to work. I use Dynamic Bone as is compatible with VSF avatars, and the animations play just fine, but the tail is stiff and doesn't swish like it normally does, almost like it's been starched lol. 

Any idea how to get dynamic bones working?

Heya. VSF Animations have been reworked and now completely support dynamic or spring bones. ^w^

A couple of weeks ago you added a Bloom toggle as a reward thing.  The way I've been using it is as a reward to turn the bloom on for about 60 seconds, before it turns back off.  However because the program defaults to bloom on  I have to use a reward to turn it off first.  Is there a way to make it so the the bloom can be default off?  Or can you make a button that only turns the bloom off instead of all the lights?  Thank you. 

The buttons here can only be used with a mouse. Can I use it as a keyboard shortcut?

There are shortcuts for the camera which is written below the buttons. Other than that, the buttons are for preview purposes. To toggle them otherwise you can either use StreamDeck or any Websocket tool like Lioranboard, Streamer.Bot, etc.

Is there a way to use Throw, blue, and Glitch as shortcuts other than rewards?

I'm not sure what you mean by that

can you add a resize window toggle so that I can drag the window like I did prior to the update? it messed up my sources :(

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It was not supposed to be resizable to begin with but since everyone's complaining I re added it ^w^;;


thank you!!! I appreciate it c:

Hello. With the latest update, I can't seem to make the screen bigger. It stays really small. So it makes my model really small in OBS and when I enlarge her, she looks pixelated 

hi. You need to change the resolution in render settings.

Thank you

Hello. Recently updated to the newest version and I can't see to figure out why my mouth model isn't working. It was fine before and I have not changed any options between vtuber plus nor vseeface. The model is working fine in vseeface. 

Also made sure all of the port information was proper and the correct models were selected and nothing seems to have worked. Any ideas why this could be happening?

Thank you.

Hi. I can't really diagnose the issue here. Please join the discord server so we can talk about your issue ^w^

Hello, with the 2D props I was wondering if you could turn and rotate them besides just moving the  position? I can't find a way to turn them to look good

Hello. it's not possible at the moment

I just wanted to commend your absolutely amazing work on this product. You haul ass with it and the updates are always great to see! <3

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it ^w^

Will this allow 2d props from VseeFace to appear?

VTuber Plus has its own 2D props.

Excellent!  Thank you

Heya, bought the app a little while back, haven't really put it to use on my own stream just yet, question though:
From what I can see the way you make the app track the redeems in your channel is through the Twitch login that you do when starting the app.

 Is there any method to monitor other channel for the redeems without logging as that channel's owner?  I do co-op streams with a friend and since we put my avatar there along with his, I am using other app for letting his viewers throw things at my avatar; would like to use Vtuber+ for that as well, but unsure if it's possible currently.

Cheers, and thank you for working so dedicatedly on this app.

(1 edit)

Hi. VTuber Plus only tracks your own channel and can not be used to track other's or multiple channels ^w^

Edit: One way to do this would be using a bit to handle the rewards and use the Websockets through the internet and send the rewards to the other person's bot.

Hi, i just got VTuber Plus and once i loaded in my avatar it's supposedly too small for me to just zoom in all the way so i can get it from bust or higher. Is there a way to unlock the zoom level or do i simply need to scale up my avatar (the same file worked fine in TIFA and VSeeFace itself)

Hello. Try resetting the camera. If your avatar is too small so that the objects appear ginantic, you need to scale up your avatar.

I figured it out, i didn't realize i could change the FOV too to get myself in closer. The item size was good it was just far away.

hii, it seems like the fisheye or wide lens effect is still happening. i have the updated version as well!

Hi. Just reset your camera and use higher FOV.

LOVE this software so much! The frequent feature updates are fantastic! THANK YOU! Worth every penny. Question! I could be blind, but I don't see settings anywhere to set your default camera position or a global reset position hotkey like there is in VSeeFace. Is there any chance of having those added? Often times when I'm on a bio break and come back, my body will get a little bent out of shape. Being able to do a quick hotkey reset for the body like in VSeeFace would be nice. For the longest time, the VSeeFace hotkey seemed to work just fine when I was in VTuber Plus. But I think a recent update blocked that hotkey from working. Thank you again!

Thank you very much! Resetting the body must take place in VSeeFace because all the tracking data is coming from there ^w^

Hi there! I've gotten your lovely software working and my audience loves it, but I was wondering if we could set up exclusions for thrown items. Say for example I have Group A of items that I want to be thrown for one redeem, but I also have Group B for a second redeem, and I don't want the redeems to have the same items, is that a possibility? 

Hopefully I made sense when trying to explain it.

Hi and thank you! It's been requested and already in my road map ^w^

Wonderful! Thanks so much!

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